Sunday, 24 February 2013

“Look after the senses and the sounds will look after themselves”

Terms such as ‘down the rabbit hole’ or ‘through the looking glass’ have become shorthand for anything vaguely fantastical or dream-like. But although Richmond Tea Rooms is reached by the more mundane method of stairs, it is very much a Wonderland. No surprises there - Lewis Caroll’s surreal tales were the main inspiration behind this gorgeous café-cum-cocktail bar. But there were no daiquiris or gin slings on this visit, which took place at the rather unearthly hour of 7.30am. The early start didn’t stop us scampering from chair to chair, lounging on sofas and flinging ourselves against patterned wallpaper in a quest for dramatic shots. This was ‘Alice’ meets ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ with florals and feather eyelashes a plenty. 

In part one of three Florence wears an exquisite dress from Bertie's vintage , Rosalind wears a black floral dress from So in Fashion and all other clothes & accessories have been sourced from the depths of Rosalind's wardrobe. 

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