Who are we?

‘Renard and Rose’ is French for ‘Fox and Rose’ – also known as Florence Fox and Rosalind Jana. Family friends since Rosalind was born (there is a two year age gap between them), they spent their childhood summers making puppet theatres, swimming in the cold welsh sea and indulging in some rather fabulous dress up session. The shiny lipsticks, nylon nighties and high heels three sizes too big were a precursor for their various fashion and photography escapades. Their creative partnership began when Flo was fifteen and Roz thirteen; the former snapping photos of the latter in some rather magnificent glittery leggings. Now the shoots are two-way, with the roles of photographer and model inhabited by both women to create a truly collaborative set of photos. This blog has been set up to document their endeavors as they run through waves, trek up hills and explore fields of flowers. For an extended description of their friendship see here


Rosalind Jana is a student and freelance writer with a penchant for portrait and fashion photography. She won the Vogue Talent Contest for young writers in 2011 at age 16, with her winning article published in Vogue and a month’s paid internship on the features department as a prize. She has also written for Lionheart magazine and Apartemento magazine, alongside having articles on The Guardian, The Vagenda, Oxfam, Eco-Age and The Vogue Blog. Her personal blog Clothes, Cameras and Coffee has been featured in magazines from Vogue Japan to Sunday Times Style to French Grazia. She is a freelance model, a regular at London Fashion Week and hopes to study English literature at university. 


Florence currently lives in Manchester and is studio manager at The Point Studio, which mainly focuses on fashion photography for online stores. After completing a year of photography at Manchester Metropolitan she decided to take a break to explore her own creativity, without the restrictions of education. She has previously had exhibitions of her work both locally, in Shropshire, and in larger national competitions of which there have been displays in London. She also works as a freelance wedding and portrait photographer.

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